Australian Automobile Association calls for nationalised electric vehicle tax | CarAdvice

Last week the Victorian government announced that an electric vehicle tax would be implemented in Victoria from 2021 onwards – reception to the news has been mixed. The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has called for a “nationally consistent road user charge for electric vehicles,” following last week’s announcement that Victoria Continue Reading

Renewed calls for increased road spending to cut death toll | CarAdvice

A fraction of the money raised from fuel excise goes back into roads. On the eve of the Federal Budget there are renewed calls to funnel more of the billions back into reducing the road toll. The Federal Government receives approximately $20 billion each financial year from fuel excise – Continue Reading

Renewed calls to close mobile phone fine loophole in NSW | CarAdvice

Almost one in 10 offenders are avoiding demerit points and possible licence cancellation due to a loophole in NSW mobile phone offences laws. Thousands of drivers caught by NSW mobile phone detection cameras have avoided accruing demerit points through the use of a “dangerous loophole,” according to the NSW Shadow Continue Reading

New calls for stamp duty reforms. Are you paying too much? | CarAdvice

There are renewed calls for state governments to standardise car stamp duties across Australia, as some buyers pay substantially more than others. The car industry has renewed calls for states and territories to standardise motor vehicle stamp duties across Australia – as figures show the cost varies from $360 to Continue Reading

New calls for roadside eye testing to combat driver vision impairment | CarAdvice

A new device could allow police to detect drivers with failing vision, or for not wearing corrective lenses. Optometrists and road safety experts are divided over calls for roadside eyesight tests – and nationwide vision testing standards – as recent figures show drivers aged 65 and over represent 22 per Continue Reading