2021 Ford Ranger caught on camera in new spy photos – report | CarAdvice

The next-generation of Ford’s popular ute has been spied testing in the US. One of North America’s biggest motoring websites has published what are believed to be the first spy photos of a 2021 Ford Ranger test mule. Images published on the website Motor1.com show the Ranger dual-cab ute with Continue Reading

Look at this Froot Loop! Driver eating breakfast cereal busted by mobile phone detection camera | CarAdvice

Mobile phone detection cameras are operational in NSW and being trialled in Victoria and Queensland – unearthing shocking driver behaviour. A Queensland driver has been caught on camera eating breakfast cereal and scrolling through a mobile phone while behind the wheel of a moving car. However, incredibly, the offending driver Continue Reading

NSW to switch to unmarked mobile speed camera cars | CarAdvice

First, the NSW Government said it was removing the reflective warnings signs before mobile speed camera cars. Now it is going to strip the reflective markings off the vehicles themselves. The NSW Government will soon adopt the sneaky tactics used by other states – using anonymous-looking unmarked speed camera cars Continue Reading

NSW to lose mobile speed camera warning signs | CarAdvice

Warning signs ahead of mobile speed cameras are set to be abolished in NSW, as operational hours of 45 cars is set to triple. Motorists in NSW will no longer be warned of the presence of mobile speed cameras. Reflective roadside signs alerting traffic to the speed detection devices are Continue Reading

A hacker claims they’ve uncovered what Tesla’s driver-facing camera is recording | CarAdvice

The anti-vandalism feature may also be used to document driver behaviour in the event of a crash. A hacker claims they have uncovered what a cabin-facing camera in the Tesla Model 3 is monitoring, with the findings suggesting the electric car maker is hoping to pinpoint the driver behaviours that Continue Reading

Driver fined 75 times the going rate for speed camera offence | CarAdvice

A driver in Germany has had his speeding fine increased because he flipped the bird at the camera. A German driver has been handed a whopping €1500 (AUD$2450) fine for a low-range speeding offence in the German town of Kulmbach in Bavaria. The driver was caught clocked at 81km/h in Continue Reading

Australian first: truck camera ‘mirrors’ point to technology coming to cars | CarAdvice

The latest truck by Mercedes-Benz is available with cameras instead of side mirrors, and more than half of buyers are taking up the option. Side mirrors could soon be replaced by tiny cameras with high-resolution displays inside the cabin – to improve visibility and fuel economy. The first vehicle on Continue Reading