Autonomous Toyota GR Supra learns to drift | CarAdvice

The project – which is a collaboration between the Toyota Research Institute and Stanford University’s Dynamic Design Lab – aims to improve the evasive capabilities of autonomous driving systems. A 2021 Toyota GR Supra has reportedly been taught to autonomously drift, as part of a collaborative project between Stanford University’s Continue Reading

McLaren Tiger Stripe: Young Aussie engineers design the drift car of tomorrow | CarAdvice

The high-performance drift car – which is loosely based on the McLaren Senna GTR – took the Year Three students 10 weeks to design and build. A futuristic drift car has been designed by students at Adelaide’s St Francis Primary School, as part of a program to promote “science, maths, Continue Reading

Porsche Taycan sets world record for longest electric vehicle drift | CarAdvice

Rear-drive electric sedan drifts 210 laps around Porsche Experience Centre skidpad. Porsche has set a new Guinness world record for the longest continuous drift in an electric vehicle (EV). Porsche Experience Centre (PEC) chief instructor Dennis Retera recorded 210 laps around the 200-metre wet circular skidpad at the brand’s Experience Continue Reading

Ford releases Mustang Mach E drift video | CarAdvice

Ford is trying to boost the credentials of the electric Mustang SUV by releasing a drifting video with its biggest motorsport stars. A video of a Ford Mustang Mach E drifting and doing burnouts has been created in an attempt to silence critics who believe the famous badge should never Continue Reading