Jeep Gladiator ute arrives in Australian showrooms | CarAdvice

First batch of Jeep Gladiator utes has begun arriving in Australian showrooms and dealers are quoting up to $95,000 drive-away due to limited supply. The long awaited Jeep Gladiator has arrived in local showrooms in limited numbers as the first batch of vehicles cleared quarantine and were delivered to dealerships Continue Reading

Jeep owners are finally locating the ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in their cars | CarAdvice

A social media challenge has reignited interest in a long-running initiative from the off-road brand. Jeep owners are taking to social media to share the ‘Easter eggs’ – hidden symbols or messages tucked away in hard-to-find places on the vehicle – after a viral video highlighted the off-road brand’s tradition Continue Reading

Is there an electric Jeep Wrangler on the horizon? | CarAdvice

Jeep’s design boss says an electric Jeep Wrangler could be just as capable off-road as today’s model. Plans for an electric Jeep Wrangler are still under wraps, but the off-load icon appears to be edging closer to a battery-powered model. A senior Jeep executive believes electrification could even make for Continue Reading