Kia releases owner’s manual app, not yet confirmed for Australia | CarAdvice

The technology could spell the end of the conventional owner’s manual in the glovebox. Kia has announced a smartphone app designed to do away with the conventional owner’s manual, and the technology could be introduced here. The app uses technology that identifies in-car switches “from any angle” with the phone’s Continue Reading

Taycan: Half of all customers are new to Porsche, many are existing EV owners | CarAdvice

The electric Taycan is emerging as a potential threat to Tesla sales, despite the price gap. The all-electric Porsche Taycan is attracting plenty of interest from outside the traditional Porsche market, with half of all registered expressions-of-interest (EOI) coming from Australian buyers that are new to the German brand. The Continue Reading

Jeep owners are finally locating the ‘Easter eggs’ hidden in their cars | CarAdvice

A social media challenge has reignited interest in a long-running initiative from the off-road brand. Jeep owners are taking to social media to share the ‘Easter eggs’ – hidden symbols or messages tucked away in hard-to-find places on the vehicle – after a viral video highlighted the off-road brand’s tradition Continue Reading