Fully-electric Chevrolet Silverado announced with 640km range | CarAdvice

The electric pick-up from Chevrolet has been announced, with reports production will start in late 2022.

General Motors has announced it will offer a battery-powered Chevrolet Silverado with more than 640km of range.

GM President Mark Reuss announced the electric Silverado overnight would be built at the company’s plants in Michigan alongside the new Hummer EV pick-up and recently-revealed SUV, though provided few details of the zero-emissions pick-up, including timing.

However, according to news outlet Reuters, an inside source has revealed Chevrolet will begin production of the battery-powered Silverado in late 2022.

The company previewed what could be a future design of the Silverado on its Instagram account last month (top).

In January 2021, GM announced its entire ‘light-duty’ range would be electric by 2035, excluding its medium- and heavy-duty pick-ups – which accounted for around 9.1 per cent of the company’s 2020 sales.

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