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Australia’s second best-selling car is being recalled due to a suspension issue.

Toyota Australia has issued a recall of 1552 of its RAV4 SUVs produced between 25 September 2019 and 17 October 2019 due to a crucial suspension component that may fail.

The recall affects both petrol and hybrid RAV4s cars with model codes AXAH54, AXAH52, MXAA52 and AXAA54.

Toyota’s recall says that lower control arms – a crucial suspension arm that helps tie the front wheels to the body – fitted to the front of the cars may be defective.

Toyota Australia states that over time cracks may form in the lower control arms that can be worsened by rapid acceleration and deceleration.

Over the lifetime of the component, these cracks may increase and result in the arm separating from the wheel assembly.

If the lower control arm does fail, it may result in a driver having reduced vehicle control and increase the chance of a crash.

CarAdvice has reached out to Toyota Australia regarding any known incidents resulting in an accident and will update this story.

Toyota Australia is contacting all known owners of affected vehicles by SMS, email and/or mail to notify them of the recall. The brand expects replacement of the faulty units to take approximately three hours.

Vehicle identification number ranges of the 1552 cars included in the recall can be found here .

Toyota Australia says affected cars can continue to be driven until the part is replaced, however drivers should limit heavy acceleration and braking.

Owners of affected vehicles can contact Toyota Australia on 1800 987 366.

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